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Missing Pixel: Glimmer of Light has been created by Backpack Games.

The game has been designed to artistically show what depression can feel like it has also been cleverly balanced with difficulty and skill requirements that should support the connection from game to player and generate a cognitive flow which when achieved can create authentic happiness.

Ever get to work and realise you don't remember the journey? Well that's cognitive flow created because you know the route and the general patterns of the commute so your mind falls in to cognitive flow and creates authentic happiness which is why you never feel negative about not remembering your journey.

The idea is to support mental health by removing the taboos that still surround it because people still don't understand it and therefore don't believe it's real. Missing Pixel wants to show visually how darkness can surround a person mentally and that help and support is like little pockets of light.

Missing Pixel: Glimmer of Light will also try to create cognitive flow which in turn should help improve the levels of happiness self-generated by the user but with help from the games balance.

Any money made will be donated to Mind UK.


Buy Now£1.00 GBP or more

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